Community Rules



In addition to the terms and provisions contained in the New Durham Estates Lease, all Community Residents must comply with the following New Durham Estates Community Rules and Regulations:


All Residents must be approved by Management prior to moving into the Leased Homesite in the Community. The established rule is one (1) family per Homesite. Rents are to be paid in advance in accordance with Community rates and are due on or before the first (1st) of each month. If rent is not fully paid on or before the fifth (5th) day of each month, a per diem late fee will be charged and will be applied retroactive to the first (1st) day of said month. Rates are for one occupant to a Homesite. Adjustments will be made for any additional occupants, pets and vehicles, each of which must first be registered and approved by Management. Any Resident whose check to Management is returned as a result of non-sufficient funds, will be charged a $25.00 NSF fee, and additional late charges will be added as incurred.


Management reserves the right to increase lot rents; however, Residents will receive at least two (2) months notice of any and all proposed rent increases.


Residents must notify Management at least 30 days prior to moving from the Leased Homesite. Failure to provide such notice will result in a charge for the next month’s rent. Clearance for such moves from the Leased Homesite must be obtained from Management and Residents must provide Management with a proper forwarding address. Residents must obtain a moving permit from the County Treasurer’s Office verifying that all personal property taxes have been paid for the entire year and must provide Management with a copy of same. Moreover, Residents must pay any and all back rent and applicable late fees and charges before the manufactured home may be removed from the Community.


Your Leased Homesite is rented to each Resident as an individual. As such, it is not transferable to any other party without the prior written approval of Management. Residents must have a current Selling Agreement form on file with Management and notify Management at least thirty (30) days prior to vacating the Leased Homesite. All homes must be moved or transferred to new buyers before the first (1st) of the month or will be charged a full month’s rent – no refunds will be issued to Residents.

No “For Sale” signs are allowed on or about the Leased Homesite. All prospective buyers must submit a Resident Application form to Management and must be approved prior to the closing of any such transaction. Management reserves the right to reject any application. Any manufactured home sold in the Community must have a value of at least $7,000, or the new buyer must remove said manufactured home from the Community.

No Resident shall be permitted to rent his manufactured home or receive any revenues from such occupancy while said manufactured home is located in the Community. Moreover, Resident has no right (express or implied) to guaranty occupancy of an assigned Leased Homesite to another party or purchaser, other than those originally registered as occupants. Any and all transfer must be effected by cancellation of the current lease and the execution of a new lease by Management and the new Community resident (i.e., the new Lessee).



  1.  No loud parties, disturbances or breaches of the peace;
    B.  No speeding vehicles or vehicles with loud mufflers;
    C.  No unlicensed vehicles such as mopeds, dirt bikes and three wheelers, however, special exceptions will be made for motorized wheel chairs for disabled Residents;
    D.   No boats, campers, or large trucks over one (1) ton will be permitted, except for deliveries; No trailers such as utility trailers, boat, trailers, flatbed trailers, etc., shall be parked at home-site. (Boat, trailer and camper storage is available for Residents, however).
    E.  No burning of any kind;
    F. No firearms of any kind; no air rifles, BB guns, archery, or fireworks will be permitted to be discharged; Reference the Indiana Fireworks Law Sec. 8(a) = Sparklers, ground spinners, cone fountains, wheels, cylindrical fountains are the only fireworks permitted.
    G.  Drunkenness and immoral conduct by Residents or their guests in public areas will not be tolerated;
    H.  No nuisances of any kind (including but not limited to barking dogs, loud music, etc.)
    I.  No unlicensed or disabled vehicles of any kind, nor any major repairs to any vehicle;
    J.  No peddling, soliciting, canvassing, distributing of literature, or any form of commercial enterprise shall be permitted, without the express permission of Management;
    K.  No “For Sale” signs, or any other type of sign shall be permitted on or about the Leased Homesite, regardless of shape or content.
  2. Trampolines are not allowed.
  3. Hot tubs, in-ground pools, and above ground pools are not permitted. Children’s kiddie pools are permitted. The kiddie pool must be removable, limited to 6 feet in diameter and secure when not in use from neighbor’s, pets, and animals. Kiddie pools must be stored when not in use so as not to deter landscaping maintenance or damage. Sod damage from pools will be replaced at owners expense. Ponds are also prohibited. (Note: Any wading pool that is too large to be stored in a Resident’s shed is not allowed.) Management is not responsible for any injuries or accidents connected with the use of any body of water for any purpose.



Residents must maintain the Leased Homesite in a clean and attractive appearance. Residents are responsible for the removal of any peeling paint, rust spots, rust streaks, or dirt from said manufactured home.

Residents are responsible for regular mowing of the yard at the Leased Homesite, and if Residents should fail to mow, Management reserves the right to mow said lawn and charge Resident accordingly.

Grass clippings must be kept off the streets and sidewalks.

Residents are responsible for the appearance of the street and sidewalk in front of the Leased Homesite.

Residents shall not be permitted to move another manufactured home on to the Leased Homesite, except by the express written permission of Management.

Manufactured homes must be placed and removed by authorized personnel only, and after permission is obtained from Management.

Management shall supervise connections to all utilities, and said connections shall be done with acceptable materials only and in an approve manner.

All manufactured homes in the Community must be anchored properly and must be skirted with materials approved by Management within thirty (30) days of being set.

All awnings, appurtenances, porches, steps, storage buildings, carports, fences and garages must be approved by Management in writing prior to installation or may be subject to removal.

All such storage buildings and garages must be color coordinated with Resident’s manufactured home. Storage buildings shall not exceed 150 square feet, nor shall they be over 10 feet in height, and they must be maintained in an attractive manner.

Only one (1) Storage Building is allowed per Leased Homesite.

Lawns, patios, carports, etc., must also be kept free of unsightly materials. No storage of bottles, cans, boxes, tools, and the like shall be permitted around or near homes or storage buildings.

Residents may arrange the lawn and flowers at the Leased Homesite in a manner he finds attractive; however, any tree or shrub planting must be pre-approved by Management, and once planted, cannot be later removed from said Homesite. Any and all landscaping requiring more than 30 square feet on the Leased Homesite must be pre-approved by Management.

All cement and masonry work to a Leased Homesite must be done by New Durham Estates.

Residents are cautioned against the driving of rods, stakes, pipes, etc., into the ground and against digging in an area on the Leased Homesite without first checking with Management. Many types of underground installations might be endangered by the Resident’s indiscriminate action and any damage of this type will be charged to the Resident.

No sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, paper towels or other such items are to be flushed into the Park sewer system.

No salt or high-powered de-icing materials may be placed on or about the Leased Homesite, as same are harmful to the cement finish. Management suggests the use of non-toxic fertilizer, sand, gravel or cinders to eliminate icy conditions.

The privacy of each Leased Homesite shall be respected and Residents shall be responsible for the acts of their children, guests or pets at all times. Children and pets are not allowed on the Leased Homesites of other Residents unless invited. Community streets are not to be used as playgrounds.

Garbage collection is made on every Monday.  All refuse must be properly stored in fly-tight, rigid receptacles. Refuse must be put out only on the morning of collection. The recycling bin is only collected every other Wednesday.  Residents shall not store refuse in front of the Leased Homesite for more than four (4) hours.

Privacy fences, where permitted by Management, must be at least six (6) feet in height, pre- approved in writing, and must be maintained in a state of good repair at all times. No other fences shall be permitted.

All firewood must be stacked in a location approved by Management and the State Board of Health’s requirements. No firewood shall be stored under decks. Where designated, firewood shall be raised from the ground or concrete with at least an eight (8) inch clearance.

Bonfires and outdoor burning including the burning of leaves, trash, yard debris and storm damage are prohibited in the community. Only above ground fire pits are permitted. The fire pit must be above ground with a grate over the top.  To view acceptable firepit examples, please visit the office.

Only Satellite dishes eighteen (18) inches or less are permitted to the Leased Homesite and must be pre-approved by Management. All such dishes shall be installed at the back of the home. Residents are responsible for the prompt and civil handling of any complaints from neighbors due to alleged interference.


  1.  All pets must be registered with Management. No other animals will be permitted.
    B.  Pets may not be tethered to trees or lamp posts.
    C.  Residents are not permitted to breed pets on the Park premises.
    D.  No kennels or dog runs allowed, as outside housing is not permitted.
    E.  When outside, all pets must be on a leash (cats included) and accompanied by a Resident; moreover, pets shall not be permitted to run at large or to commit a nuisance within the Park premises. Any Residents wishing to report such a nuisance to Management, must do so in person. No complaints will be taken over the phone.
    F.  Residents are responsible for the immediate and thorough clean-up of any and all waste deposited by their pets.


Residents must retain ownership of the tires and axles to their manufactured home. Tires and axles must be properly stored underneath said home or in an appropriate storage building.


Each Resident shall be responsible for water, sewer, gas and electrical installation upon his Leased Homesite, and will be charged for the expense of replacing or servicing same due to Resident’s neglect, normal maintenance or improper use. Residents shall make their own application for all utilities such as telephone, gas and electric, and shall timely pay all statements rendered by said utility company.


All residents must be registered with Management and shall execute the Lease as well as the Community Rules and Regulations. Residents shall be responsible and held liable for the conduct of their guests on the Community premises. If a guest should stay for more than seven (7) days in one month period, said guest must be registered and Resident shall pay accordingly for additional services provided. No boarders will be allowed. Each home is intended as a single family home. Resident’s grown children and their families constitute a second family and are not permitted to reside in the Leased Homesite.


A speed limit of no more than twenty (20) miles per hour must be observed at all times; lower speeds must also be observed when conditions warrant.

Stop signs must be obeyed at all times!

Boats and Recreational Vehicles may not be parked at the Leased Homesite, but may be stored in areas designated by Management.

Major repairs to vehicles requiring more than a twenty-four (24) hour period of dismantlement will not be permitted. Inoperative vehicles must be removed from the Community premises.

Bicycles riders must follow the same general rules as motor vehicle drivers when riding in the Community premises.  Management assumes no responsibility for vehicles on Community property with regards to theft, vandalism or damage of any kind, including but not limited to that caused by outside traffic entering Community premises.


Resident is provided two (2) spaces to park two (2) vehicles per household. Management will inform you at the time you move in and receive these rules to the possibility of a third parking space. There is a $5.00 monthly fee for each additional vehicle, after the second vehicle. Limit four (4) vehicles allowed per homesite.

  1. All residents shall park only in the spaces provided to them by Management. Parking is not allowed on vacant sites, fire lanes, spaces designated for other residents, lawns and/or patios, unless approved by management.
  2. Any vehicle parked in the Community for more than a 24 hour period that does not belong to a resident and/or has not been approved by management will be treated as an abandoned vehicle and be towed away at the expense of the owner.


Fishing and non-powered boating is allowed for Residents but shall be done at Resident’s own risk! Fishing is permitted for Residents only and only in designated areas. Swimming is not allowed at any time!


Violation of any of the Community Rules or Regulations recited herein can result in the termination of Resident’s Lease, as Indiana Code 16-41-27-30, allows Management to eject Residents for the following reasons:

(a) Nonpayment of charges or fees for accommodations;
(b) Violation of law or disorderly conduct;
(c) Violation of a rule of the state department relating to manufactured home parks; or,
(d) Violation of a rule of the park (community) that is publicly posted within the park.


While Management will exert great effort to assure the safety of residents and property, it is not responsible for losses due to theft, fire, accident, or act of God. You, the Resident, are hereby notified that you assume the risk in such matters.


Community Homesites shall only be leased to manufactured home owners. Qualifications for site rental shall be based upon the established credit references of said manufactured home owner.


Management reserves the right to alter, add or amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time; however such modifications shall not take effect until written notice thereof has been clearly posted within the community premises, or until written notice has been delivered to Resident.







LOT # __________

I, ________________________________________, do herby give permission and authorization for Management of New Durham Estates to check my/our credit and all records concerning rental of a manufactured home site.

Dated the _____ day of _________________, 201_____.